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Military Community Champion

RAISE Beyond, LLC has earned Military Community Champion status by:
  • Offer military discount 
  • Have hiring procedures to actively seek to hire military connected individuals (veterans, spouses, dependents) 
  • Guard/Reserve deployment (salary differential/full pay/medical/same career path upon return) 
  • Participate in DOD Skillbridge program 
  • Have a certain percentage of your staff that are military connected 
  • Give annually to a military related charitable cause/organization 
  • Military mentorship program 
  • Veteran disability accommodations 
  • Suppliers being Veteran Owned Businesses and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses 
  • Accept technical certification credit for military experience 

RAISE Beyond is committed to hiring a population with diverse backgrounds and experiences – the kind of experience veterans and military spouses bring to the community. As a veteran herself, Founder and CEO, Creighlynn Thoele, Ph. D., seeks out veteran talent, as she knows the real-world, battle-tested experience and education they can bring to RAISE Beyond. Additionally, RAISE Beyond values veterans' proven ability to lead in a complex, ever-changing environment that is key to advising and training a range of organizations both here in Louisiana and throughout the country. For this reason, a significant percentage of RAISE Beyond's staff is both veterans and military spouses. We offer the flexible environment required to hire and retain these valued employees.  

Hiring Procedures: RAISE Beyond actively recruits the veteran population and military spouses to fulfill contract positions. Additionally, when needed, RAISE Beyond provides training in our techniques to provide growth opportunities within our company. DOD Skillbridge: RAISE Beyond has already successfully interned a retiring military member through the Skillbridge program. As opportunities become available, we look forward to continuing to develop our local veterans by bringing them onto the RAISE Beyond team.  RAISE Beyond understands that education can be garnered outside the classroom. We are happy to take both military-technical certifications and military experience for our key positions in our company.  

We will work with veterans and military spouses to provide needed support as it arises. We have found that each veteran's and military spouses are unique and prefer to help each individual instead of institute programs.  

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